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BEST BLACK is THE dedicated destination website for

African American consumers. With over 20 editorial departments,

we provide the most consumer-centered content for African Americans

on the Internet. 

African American consumers represent over $1 TRILLION in buying power. However, there is no Consumer Reports or Suze Orman for us. We want to change that. We are 100% committed to help African American consumers Save Money – Shop smart – and Spend Wisely!


Closing the Digital Divide Between Brands

and Black Consumers.

It is also our mission to become a trusted platform where brands make valuable, genuine connections with the consumers they target and serve. Black consumers want and need this. BEST BLACK BUYS will become the digital instrument that consumers can rely on. By doing so, both win, consumers and brands alike. And that makes all the sense in the world to us.

"I have always been a consumerist at heart. Even during my days in the advertising industry. And that made all the difference in the work I was able to produce.

My background background prepares and empowers me to fulfill the BEST BLACK BUYS credo to help African American consumers save money - shop smart - and spend wisely.

By doing so, I truly believe that our work at BBB can become transformational. It can become a game changer. We can transform economic empowerment from a catch phrase into a reality. One that consumers can see at the end and beginning of every month in their wallets and pocketbooks. And if consumers and brands partner with us to do this work - it will be beneficial for all. That's our mission. That's what BEST BLACK BUYS is about."

Unleashing the Power of eCommere to grow Black Businesses.

BEST BLACK BUYS will become a preferred portal for Black-owned businesses to grow, expand, and soar. Its combination of trusted consumer-centered content will provide the perfect landing space to promote their products and services. BEST BLACK BUYS website visitors have a strong inclination to buy from and support Black-owned businesses. And they are vocal advocates, brand ambassadors, and key influencers to get others to do the same. To this end, we are launching our BUY BLACK SHOP SMALL Business Directory in November 2106, among several other programs to support black-owned businesses and small businesses who serve black consumers nationally and globally.

About Our Founder ...
Best Black is led by Founder, Cheryl D. Munson. She is neither a newbie nor stranger

to the world of branding and high-level consumer marketing. Munson is a highly accomplished,

award-winning advertising industry executive and entrepreneur. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Madison, and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism.

Munson has served as a Creative Director, Writer, Producer and Shopper Marketing expert at major advertising agencies working onor global brands, products and for corporations that you know as well as your ABCs --- Procter & Gamble, Wal-Mart, Procter & Gamble, Chrysler, General Motors, Coca-Cola, Levi Strauss, Chrysler, Leo Burnett USA, Foote Cone & Belding, Saatchi & Saatchi, and more - many, many more.

We are confident that Munson will lead, build and grow Best Black Buys, and serve as a much-needed advocate for African American consumers.

She will spearhead and direct all upcoming editorial platforms, including an upcoming monthly column focuing on important consumer issues for African Americans for a page which will be called "The Editors Inkwell." She will also reach out to well-recognized experts across all industries and categories so that we, as Black consumers, are empowered with the information and news we need most.

Cheryl D. Munson

Founder, Editor in Chief


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