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Installment Payment Program

Our Installment Payment Program allows you to place a hold on artworks and pay over a 90-day period. This option is limited to artwork priced at over $650.00+, and work that the artist is willing to hold for

a maximum of 90 days.

Only artworks that display "add to cart" options for the Installment program are eligible.

Know that there is a 5% surcharge added to the cost in order to hold your selection.  For example, a piece of art with a price of $1,000

will cost $1,050 under the 90-day Installment Program.

FREE SHIPPING applies to all purchases!

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1. Click the 90-Day Option button to add your art selection to your shopping cart.

2. Provide all the payment processing information requested.

3. At checkout, your cart and billing will indicate a payment of 50% of the total purchase price + 5%. Example, it the purchase price for the artwork is $1,200, your cost will be $1,260 (purchase price + 5%). Therefore, the amount required for your first installment payment will be $630.00 (50% of the price with the 5% installment payment program fee). 

4. On the 30-day anniversary of your installment purchase, your credit or debit card will be billed for the next installment payment at 25% of the remaining balance due.

5. On the 60-day anniversary of your installment purchase, your card will be billed for the final 25% balance due. You will have until the 89th day from your initial purchase to make your final payment.

Cancellation. Billing Failure.

Cancellation. If you opt to cancel your purchase, your will incur a 15% surcharge equal to the total of all monies paid towards your purchase. You will receive a 85% credit which will be applied to the credit or debit card used and associated with your purchase.

Billing Failure to Complete Required Installment Payment. If your billing fails to process on the card provided, we will continue to complete and fulfil lpayment up to day 89 of your transaction, unless you notify us to cancel your purchase, whichever comes first. On the 90th day, should full payment not be received, you will forfeit15% of the monies you have paid towards your purchase. Best Black Buys will issue a credit/refund to the credit or debit card that you used at 85% of the total monies you paid towards your artwork purchase.

Artist Marketplace Installment Payment Program

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