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NOTE: To qualify for a FREE 6-Month listing, your artwork listing form must be completed and submitted by Midnight, Thursday January 12, 2017.

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Artist Earnings, Listing Fees & Listing Application Form

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Below is a recap of sales earnings artwork based on the category the work is listed and sold under.  In addition, artists receive 100% of shipping costs charged to customers. To celebrate the launch of The Artists Marketplace - just in time for Black History Month - there is no listing fee now thru Thursday, January 12th!

After you submit your artwork ...

1.   Our team will review your application and get back to you via email and/or telephone if we  

      have questions or need clarity.

2.   Your listing will be FREE if submitted by Midnight, Thursday, January 12th.

3.   Listings after that time will be billed via PayPal prior to publishing. Once your payment is received your listing will be completed for publishing. New listings publish on the Wednesday of each week.

Listing Form

Use the form below to list and sell your artwork in The Artists Marketplace

What you will need:

  1. Your contact information
  2. Your choice of the category to list your work (Featured Artist, Shared Half Page, Individual Prints/Posters, Originals & One-of-a-Kind, Home Decor, Lifestyle and Wearable Art)
  3. One image fils for each item you are listing in either PNG or JPEG format. Maximum images: 10 for Featured Artist Full Page; 8 for Shared Page; 1 image per Individual Print/Poster and/or Originals One-of-a-Kind, and/or for Home Decor/Lifestyle/Wearable Art. So only upload the total number of images that are included in the category you select.

Have any Questions? Contact us via email: We will respond within 24 hours.