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When the platform goes live, originals and one-of-a-kind works will redirect to a full page featuring the work and artist once the image is clicked. The full page will be exclusive to the artwork and include the artist's bio and a statement about the work.



Best for artists who wish to build a lifestyle brand, and expand their offerings through vertical integration of design-oriented products. Many artists who self-produce their works will enjoy this marketing platform as a way to earn higher commissions in comparison to other eCommerce platforms. 

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Best for artists who wish to display a single piece of artwork. This can also be leveraged to promote pieces at reduced prices, numbered limited editions, and/or to offer an incentive to buy such as signing the artwork. Strategically, this page will receive high viewership because of the variety of works displayed and perception of affordability. 

Best for artists who have original and one-of-a-kind works to market and  sell. Artists can leverage exposure by listing on a Feature or Shared page in addition to listing on the Original & One-of-a-Kind page. This was the work has the  opportunity to be viewed twice, and be displayed and viewed in context among other fine artworks.



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