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Optional Installment Payment Program to Boost Sales for Higher Priced Items

85% of all sales revenue goes to artists!

Best Black Buys only retains 15% to cover sales, administrative and promotional costs.

  • Optional program for artwork priced at $650+
  • Artwork is held for 90 days, with monthly payments.
  • Consumers pay 50%/25%/25%. Artwork is held with a 50% downpayment. Consumer is billed 25% 30 days later, and 25% 60 days later, with payment due no later than 90 days after artwork was initially held.
  • 15% restocking fee assessed to consumers for cancellations/uncollectable credit card billings.

BEST BLACK BUYS ARTISTS MARKETPLACE: Benefits & Advantages for Artists

Interested in becoming a member

of The Artist Marketplace and being one of our Featured Artists?

Sales Revenue to Artists

Best Black Buys is led by a highly experienced team with backgrounds in marketing and advertising, and the arts.

Our team is dedicated to making the Artist Marketplace a destination eCommerce platform for African American consumers.

Hereis an overview of key benefits and advantages for artists featured in The Artists Marketplace:

  • You and your work are featured on an exclusive page - sans competition with others.
    All you have to do is provide us with JPEG or PNG images of your work, specs (size, medium, price), your bio and your headshot. We take of the all the rest in terms of designing your page to meet our requirements.

  • Best Blak Buys captures the sale and handles all sales cart/ordering for your artwork. No worries or need for you to set up credit card payments and handle payment processing.You receive notification of orders within less than 48 hours.
  • You earn 85% of sales revenue generated from orders for your artworks. Our percent payment is higher than what most print-on-demand websites and companies offer artists.
  • We provide you with a quarterly cumulative sales report.
  • We handle customer service inquiries – freeing you from follow-up responsibilities.
  • You ship and fulfill customer orders. We include a nominal $5 fee for purchases under $200.00. We position The Artists Marketplace as a platform where shipping is virtually free, with costs incorporated into the sales price. We strongly believe that this is a great marketing feature.
  • We pay you via PayPal.  Payments are made on the 20th of each month.
  • We market and promote on FaceBook and via eMail marketing, directly targeting African American consumers and art lovers nationwide!
  • Your work is “housed” on a consumer-focused eCommerce platform, with highly relevant content to educate and empower American consumers.
  • You and Your work are in good company, displayed alongside the works of some of the very best artists and talents in the world!