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Best for artists who want to let their work shine by exhibiting up to 8 images on a shared page. Page is not limited to image artwork and prints. You can make it a mixed media page, inclusive of your works in other formats - home decor, lifestyle and wearable art to market a full scope of your brand.

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Featured Artist, Full Page Exclusive Listing

Originals & One-of-a-Kind Works of Art

Best for artists who wish to list a single piece of artwork. However, this can also be leveraged to promote and market reduced price pieces, numbered limited editions, and/or to offer an incentive to buy, such as signing the artwork. Strategically, this page will receive high viewership because of the variety of works displayed and potential perception of affordability, pricewise.

Limited Editions, Prints,


BEST BLACK BUYS offers five categories for artists to list and sell their work on the ARTISTS MARKETPLACE platform:

  • Featured Artists, Exclusive Full-Page Listing
  • Shared, 1/2 Page Listing
  • Individual Prints & Posters
  • Originals & One-of-a-Kind Works of Art
  • Home Decor, Lifestyle & Wearable Art

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 Page Format Examples By Listing Category


FREE 6 Month Listing - Now thru Jan 12, 2017

Best for artistswho have original and one-of-a-kind works to market and sell. Artists can leverage exposure by listing on a Feature or Shared page in addition to listing on the Original & One-of-a-Kind page. Thiswill expose your work to prospective customers on multiple pages. 

When the platform goes live in January, originals and one-of-a-kind works will redirect to a full page featuring the respective work once the image is clicked. The full page will be exclusive to the artwork and include an artists’ bio and statement about the work.

Featured Artist, Exclusive Full Page                       Shared 1/2 Page                                                         Prints & Posters

FREE 6 Month Listing - Now thru Jan 12, 2017


NOTICE AND DISCLAIMER: All images used are for concept example purposes only so that artists can get an idea of how website pages will be structured and formatted when the Artists Marketplace formally and officially launches in January 2017. The preview pages you are now viewing are not an indication that the artist has committed to list their artwork on Best Black Buys, or that any artist works are currently sold via the Artists Marketplace platform. Again, the platform is not yet live and published for public viewing. Works to be listed for sale will be determined by each respective, individual artist. Best Black Buys clearly and in no way intends to misrepresent any artist, their works or affiliation. Thank you for understanding the need and intent of use of images.

FREE 6 Month Listing - Now thru Jan 12, 2017


Best for artists who want to provide prospective customers with more of a portfolio presentation of their body of work. Your page is exclusively yours

to present up 10 pieces. And the Best Black Buys format allows for larger

scaling of works to make them compelling and representational to create

the best online viewing experience.

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Artists Marketplace Listing Categories

Home Decor,


& Wearable Art

Originals & One-of-a-Kind Works of Art

Shared, Half-Page Listing

Listing Categories, Features & Pricing

FREE 6 Month Listing - Now thru Jan 12, 2017