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Weldon Ryan

Individual Works of Art

Yvette Crocker


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Lee McCormick

Individual Works, Prints & Posters

We offer an installment program for  purchasing originals and one-of-a-kind works. We provide the option of paying in installments for all purchases priced at $650+ for any one (1) piece of artwork. You cannot use this program to hold multiple items with a cumulative price of $650+. It is solely intended for one item, only.

Under this program, you pay a holding fee of 20% in addition to the "Buy It Now" listed price for the item. For example, if a piece is listed with a Buy It Now price of $500, to hold it for 90 days you will pay $600 for the art piece + applicable shipping costs.

To hold the item, you pay 40% of the cost upfront; then, 20% of the balance will be due on the 1st month anniversary date, 20% due on the 2nd month anniversary, and the final balance 20% will be due on the 3rd month anniversary date - 90 days after your purchase.

Once the item is paid in full, it is released and shipped to you, Should you not be able

to complete the purchase within the 90 days of the program, you will forfeit 20% of

the monies paid.

Stacie Monday

Dai Christopher Bielich

Tiffani Glenn

If you are searching for the most amazing, imaginative and inspring collection of artwork by African American artists ever - you found it!  Explore and enjoy. Imagine how a piece will look in your living room ... bedroom ... office ... bathroom or kitchen.  And that's not all. Some of our artists also feature wearable and lifestyle art, with everything from T-shirts to tote bags. We hope you enjoy viewing their work as much as they enjoyed creating it for you!

View amazing originals and one-of-a kind works of art to start or add to your art collection.

Stacey Brown

Original, One-of-a-Kind

Works of Art

Salkis Re

90-day Installment Payment Option

For the purchase of any one piece of art priced at $650 or more.


Lifestyle, Homegoods & Wearable Art

Featured Artists   

 Wearable & Lifestyle Art

Featured Artists

Lynda Payton

Tabitha Bianca Brown

Cassandra Gillens

Enjoy your viewing! 

Mason Archie

Stacey Torres

Claudy Khan

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Frank Morrison