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The Congressional Black Caucus held

a meeting with President Donald Trump.

They answered the question he asked Black America with a report titled:

We Have a Lot to Lose 

The Congressional Black Caucus Political Education

& Leadership Institute

Blacks and Latinos. Could they and should they unite?

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  • In 1970 the CBC developed "A Report to the Nation" and a "Black Bill of Rights." Do you think it's time for the CBC to do something like that again?

White House Correspondent and Reporter April Ryan asked Trump if he planned to meet with the CBC last month.

The Trump meeting. CBC members were not there for a photo opp. They were there to have a seat at the table and bring important issues facing Black America

to the attention of Trump and his administration.

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Excerpt from "We Have a Lot to Lose" Executive Summary,

March 2017 ...

Over the course of the 2016 Presidential election, time and time again, then - candidate Donald Trump asked the Black community at-large one question: “What do you have

to lose?”  The inquiry presupposed that the experience of all African Americans is so destitute that we have no reason to fear a Trump Administration. In fact, President Trump declared some African-American communities are worse than war zones, demonstrating a lack of understanding of both constituencies.

The election has come and gone and the time for campaign rallies is over.Now, President Trump represents all Americans and must govern this nation for the good of all Americans, whether they are Black or White, rich or poor, conservative or liberal.

So, as the Conscience of the Congress and voice of 78 million Americans and 17 million African Americans, the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) is obliged to answer President Trump’s question. The answer – African Americans have a great deal to lose under the Trump Administration and we have lost a lot already in a little more than

the first 50 days.

African Americans continue to face racism and discrimination that result in disparities across a wide range of issues, from equal access to a quality education, to police brutality and voter suppression. However, to consider the state of Black America without historical context denies the origins of the problems that continue to plague our communities, as well as the centuries-long battle to bring our people to this point.

We stand on the shoulders of our ancestors, people who built this country and its wealth while toiling, fighting, and dying for our collective freedom. To deny our history or surrender in the struggle for a more perfect union would dishonor their sacrifice.

That is something we simply will not do.

So we honor this opportunity to enlighten President Trump on the history and diversity of African Americans and offer bold policy solutions to advance our communities, and all Americans, in the 21st century. The CBC calls on the Trump Administration to strengthen voter protections and reform the criminal justice system from end–to-end. We call on this Administration to address the expanding wealth and income gaps between the rich and the poor in this country and strengthen the ladders that lift millions of Americans out of poverty. We call on the Trump Administration to commit to basic principles of humanity and decency, mainly that every child should have access to a high-quality education and every life deserves affordable, quality health care. The CBC calls on this Administration to improve the circumstances of the American worker and prepare our nation’s workforce for the challenges of the future. We call on the Trump Administration to guarantee that every American has equal access to clean air, water, and soil. Finally, we call on the Trump Administration to address the unique challenges in Rural America and help revitalize these oft forgotten communities.

If President Trump is sincere in his interest in advancing the Black community, this document should be the guiding post of his Administration.

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