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all in to your potatoes. Now beat your eggs real well. (You can start singing that tune of yours a little louder now 'cause you almost finished.) Put your eggs in with all the rest of the stuff.

Finally, take your evaporated milk and start adding it a little at a time to your potato mixture. Keep an eye on it 'cause you don't want it to get too juicy. If you feel you need to add a bit more milk—go ahead. But be careful. Remember, you don't want it too juicy.

Now pour your pie mixture into the pie shell and set your pie in your oven. I usually let mine bake about 35 minutes or so. Keepin' an eye on it of course. (After you get to be an old hand at this like me you won't need to be doing no clock watchin' and recipes and all that kind of stuff. It'll just come natural to you.)

Gen'rally I starts cleaning up my kitchen now and singin' up a storm. Wakin' up everybody who was sleep. (I likes to do my bakin' early in the morning.) Then I sits down and rests my feet for a spell. I can't stand on 'em for too long nowadays. Gettin' old I guess.

Well, Baby, I hear the phone rinigin' so I got to go now. Sure hope your pies turn out all right. By the way—Merry Christmas!




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Well, Child, first off let me tell you that it was mighty hard having to write down my Sweet Potato Pie recipe. You see, I'm used to cookin by vibration. Haven't used a measuring cup in years - if ever at all!

Now, when you buy your sweet potatoes, don't get them too big. They won't boil quite right. Get you some nice, medium-sized ones.

Now get out your big pot and boil your potatoes. While they're boiling, get your oven started. Set it to about 350º. Also, get out your mixing bowl so it'll be all ready when it comes time to put your spices together.

While your potatoes are boiling, pick you out a nice tune to sing. If you can't sing—hum. Singin' and bakin' go together rather nice- ly. Gives you your rhythm. And that's important to bakin'. I sings—"We'll Understand It Better By and By" and "How I Got Over." Those two good old gospel tunes works well for me. But you find what works for you.

 Now when your potatoes are finished—run 'em under some cold water for a spell so you can peel them without getting burnt. But don't let them get cold, ''cause you want your potatoes to be warm enough to melt your butter for you (but that comes later on). So just cool 'em so as you can peel 'em.

Now put the potatoes in your bowl, and mash 'em up real good. 'Cause you don't want no stringy pie.

Next, take your butter and put it in your potatoes and mix that in 'till it melts. Then take all your sugar and spice ingredients and blend them together in one of your little bowls. Last, add your vanilla in with the spices. Next add it

"Mama Mable's Sweet Potato Pie"

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