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Cousin Mattie's Daddy's Sister's People first made it on the scene back in 1984. Now they're back to help you send smiles across the digital miles as eCards. That's right. Now all you have to do is let your fingers do the walking and send Cousin Mattie's eCards. We'll do all the work for you - just give us the email addresses and your Cousin Mattie's eCard Christmas greeting will be on it's way!

Click the images below and get ready to take a heartwarming stroll down the streets

of Black America's Memory Lane!

Meet the family (Left to right): Toonie, Mama Mable, Big-T Berniece, Mattie, Aunt Luvy, Auntie Samella, Nay-Nay (on lap), Loisteen, Jerome, Tyronne (on floor); standing in back: Uncle A.J., Uncle Wesley.

  "Christmas Dinner"                                                              "Later Christmas"                                                             

"Must Be Christmas"                                                     "Auntie Samella's Kitchen"                                             "Christmas Morning"                                                         "Christmas Morning Service"                                

"Holiday Hustle"                                                          "Promises"                                                                        "Love Lights"                                                                   "For Unto Us Is Born"                                

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Please note, all cards are currently available as eCards only. No traditional "paper" cards. Sorry.

Look who's back! And just in time for Christmas!

They're folksy. They're Funny. They're Us !!!

Best Black Buys   Christmas eCards


"Yes, Nay-Nay"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 "Mama Mable's Sweet Potato Pie"                                

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