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Volvo XC60     Starting: $22,760

Auto show season is behind us and we now have a pretty good look at the new and redesigned vehicles heading our way for 2018. Many of them are already on sale. If your new-car buying timeline extends into next year, you may be interested in seeing what's in the pipeline. You might find something worth waiting for, or you may decide to seal the deal on a current-generation model. There’s plenty to chew on as automakers revamp significant mainstream models like the Toyota Camry and Honda Odyssey, while offering up some tasty all-new entries like the Kia Stinger sport sedan and Alfa Romeo Stelvio SUV. Take a look!

Chevy Traverse

MSRP $30,875-$52,995

KIA STINGER     MSRP: $33,000

... Cush Push Tech at-a-Touch

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Buick Regal

$25,915 - 33,550

Cushy Cockpit - Totally Top Tech ...

Hyundai Kona

Price Range: $20,000 - $30,000

Lincoln Navigator

MSRP: $73,250

 Built-In Vac for Clean Up ...

Honda Oddysey Elite

Price Range:  $30,930 - $47,610  (Totally Family Friendly)

Also Popular In This Issue ...


Starting: $285,000

Lexus LC 500      MSRP Starting: $93,195

Ford Expedition

Starting Price: $47,000

Jaguar E Pace

MSRP: Starting $38,600

Volkswagen Tiguan     Starting: $26,245

Ford EcoSport

MSRP $20,990

Hyundai Elantra

Price Range: $19,350 - $23,350

Hyundai Accent

Price Range: $15,630 - $17,335

KIA RIO      MSRP: $14,165+

Honda Accord

Price Range: $24,460 - $34,690

Ferrari 812

All Pricing is Custom

Audi A5/S5 Sportback

MSRP $47,060 - $52,735

Nissan Leaf

Starting: $29,990

New Car Models 2018!

Redesigned. Stylish. Tech Terrific. Fun!

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Volkswagen Atlas

MSRP: $31,425

Lexus LS

MSRP: $95,595

Land Rover Discovery     MSRP: Starting $50,895

Mercedes E Class Coupe

Starting: $54,550


Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

Starting: $19,000

Porche Cayenne

Starting: $59,600

How to save money on auto repairs for older cars.

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GMC Terrain

Price Range: $28,815 - $41,815 and less

Mercedes E Class

Starting: $52,950

Audi Q5   MSRP $46,105 - $55,705

Subaru Crosstrek

Starting: $22,710

Buick Enclave

Starting Price: $39,995


Alfa Romeo Stelvio

MSRP $41,995 - $43,995

"Are We There Yet" Rear Seat App & Game

Toyota C-HR

Starting: $23,460

Toyota Camry

MSRP: $24,380