Jennifer Carroll Foy – WINNER!
2nd District of the Virginia House of Delegates

Three weeks after Jennifer Carroll Foy launched her campaign for the Virginia House of Delegates, she found out she was pregnant with twins. The former public defender from Woodbridge gave birth to her identical boys, Alex and Xander, at only 23 weeks gestation. They weighed 1.5 pounds each. Foy won the 2nd District seat, beating Republican Mike Makee by a 26 percent margin!  Foy vows to fight for expanding Medicade to ensure access to affordable healthcare for veterans, women, and working families; strengthening schools by working to increase teacher pay, and reducing classroom size and more.

Cathy Murillo - WINNER

Murillo was elected the first Latina mayor of Santa Barbara, California.

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Keisha Lance Bottoms

Two female candidates emerged from the crowded field of hopefuls vying to succeed term-limited Mayor Kasim Reed. In a field of nearly a dozen, no single candidate captured more than 50% of the vote. But councilwomen Keisha Lance Bottoms and Mary Norwood ended up as the top vote-getters, winning 27% and 21% of the ballots, respectively. They’ll now face off in a head-to-head battle in early December—but the winner won’t be Atlanta’s first female mayor; that was Shirley Franklin who served two terms starting in 2001. Nonetheless, the De 5th run-off will be closely watched. Bottoms is black and Norwood is white, meaning their showdown will continue to prompt the question of whether the next mayor of Atlanta, a center of cultural and political power for African Americans, should stay its course and remain a Black-run “Chocolate City.”


Lydia Edwards – WINNER
Boston District 1 City Council

Yvonne Spicer – WINNER
Chief Executive and FIRST Mayor ever, City of Framingham, Massachusetts

"It makes me hopeful that, being a woman, being a person of color, I can come to Framingham and see opportunity. What is most important is that we're working together to build our new city.“

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We were taken by surprise in November 2016. BUT we showed up and we showed out

in November 2017.

We VOTED. And We WON !!!

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Ravinder Bhalla - WINNER
Mayor, Hoboken New Jersey
First Sikh mayor

Democrat Ravinder Bhalla, a two-term city councilman in Hoboken, New Jersey, is headed to the mayor’s office after sitting mayor Dawn Zimmer announced she wouldn’t seek another term. Bhalla is an attorney and civil rights activist. Bhalla won despite anonymous racist flyers calling him a terrorist. “We won’t let hate win.”

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Vi Lyles – WINNER!
Mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Charlotte voters elect their first African-American female mayor. Democrat Vi Lyles cruised to victory over Republican Kenny Smith. Lyles is a progressive candidate who served as a city official for decades, first as budget official and then as assistant city manager. “Charlotte has been the center of a lot this year,” Lyles said in her victory speech Tuesday night. “And I believe that today we’ve closed that chapter of the book and we’re going to begin to talk about the incredible future that we have before us.”

Andrea Jenkins – WINNER
Minneapolis City Council

Jenkins  made history as the first openly transgender black woman elected to public office in the United States. She became one of two winners, including Danica Roem who became the first elected to a State legislature position in Virginia.

Mary Parham-Copelan


Became the first Black Mayor of Milledgeville, Georgia.

Melvin Carter – WINNER
Mayor St. Paul MN

Voters elected their first African-American mayor by a decisive margin. Melvin Carter, 38, emerged from a crowded field of 10 candidates. “I’m thrilled. I’m elated. I’m humbled,” he told his supporters that November Tuesday night.

Brendon Barber - WINNER

Mayor, Georgetown, South Carolina


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On the first Tuesday of November 2017 Black men and women and people of color shifted political tides all across America.  

There was almost a resurgence reminiscent of the works of one solitary woman, Rosa Parks, that united the rally, who as one proclaimed that they were tired. Tired of the bigotry. Tired of the sexism. Tired of the lies. Tired of being treated as an American but with rights lesser than an American.

Black men and women voters and candidates upset a highly contested gubernatorial race in Virginia. And they won. In Virginia and all over these seemingly disjointed and un-united states.  In Minneapolis, they elected the first black transgender representative to the Minneapolis City Council. They elected not one but six council members in Boston. They elected a Black woman to a runoff for the mayors race in Atlanta. And on and on and on. Tuesday November 7th became the night when Blacks, women and people-of-color said enough is enough, and they laid Donald down. "... it just goes to show that once women are galvanized – they are “fired up and ready to go!